Breast Cancer in Women With Type 2 Diabetes – Iodine and Breast Health!

As you know, breast cancer is considered to be epidemic among women over fifty whether or not they have Type 2 diabetes. It’s still not clear whether hormone replacement therapy (HRT) increases your risk of breast cancer but there is actually more consensus in the medical research community over this issue than many others. That could be because the incidence of breast cancer in Western countries dramatically rises anyway after menopause… whether you are on HRT or not.

Scientists have found a clear connection between Type 2 diabetes and estrogen-stimulated breast cancer in women. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer is simply to consume adequate amounts of iodine.

Iodine keeps the immune system healthy. It stimulates the growth of protective cells in the mucosa of the mouth, stomach, vagina, and nipples. It also keeps the breast healthy. The cells lining the milk ducts of the breast, where most breast cancers originate, actually have an ‘iodine pump’ in them, allowing them to take in this nutrient as it is available and when it is needed.

The importance of iodine in breast health is not just strengthening the immune system. It’s also important for keeping the linings of the ducts of the breasts from responding to estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the growth of breast tissue, both healthy and cancerous. When the effects of estrogen are blocked, the body’s self-defense systems have more opportunities to stop cancer even before it is diagnosed.

Physiologist James Wilson estimated that about 30 per cent of women have at least microscopic breast cell carcinomas at any given time, and that over 99 per cent of women will never know they have the disease… because various immune defense and DNA repair mechanisms stop the cancer before it spreads.

How can women be sure they are getting enough iodides for breast health? There are two basic ways. One is take a supplement called Iodoral. A 12.5 mg tablet every other day is enough.

The other way to be sure of getting enough of this vital element for breast health is to eat kelp, dulse, and other sea vegetables. A single serving four or five days a week provides the body with all the iodides it needs.

Often women with Type 2 diabetes take other medications including thyroid replacement hormones (Synthroid or Armour Thyroid), or if you have high blood pressure or you take medication for arrhythmia, see your physician before adding iodine to your diet. But know that iodine is often the missing element in successful nutritional programs for maintaining breast health.

Breast Health Cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) states, “Health is more that the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being.” When many of us think of health, we too often think of our aches and pains, our disorders and challenges. We think of what is lacking in our state of wellness. Look at the WHO definition again. “Optimal well-being.” What does that mean to you? To me, in this moment, it means feeling good – in mind, heart and spirit, even during physical suffering (be it my own, another’s, or the earth’s).

It means feeling good – in body, mind and spirit, even during times of emotional distress (again – my own or another’s). It means knowing that we own of how we feel, that we own our choices, even in the presence of dis-ease. This is why I encourage you to research and gather information from diverse sources to educate yourself so that you may make self-informed decisions about your life, your health and wellness. It means taking daily ownership of nurturing body, mind, ego, heart and spirit in ways that have meaning to you and that add value to your life. It means expressing yourself creatively in your community so that you may share the wisdom you gather throughout your life journey. This is a definition of health that is empowering, that is rooted in abundance, that nurtures. This is a definition of health that mirrors the energy of the breast itself.

Now, let’s look at a few simple herbs that nourish our well-being and promote breast health. When I say simple herbs, I mean herbs that are abundant and that grow in “our own backyard.” Herbs that are plentiful, easy to grow and cultivate. Herbs that are prepared for use with ease and simplicity. Herbs that nourish our whole bodies while tending to the health of our breasts and whole beings. Here are just a few. . .

Red Clover Tops – Trifolium pretense

As an infusion, this humble botanical is a simple and super nutritional food, rich in minerals and vitamins and just plain good for the whole body. In early summer, I snack on the fresh flowers to enjoy the sweetness of life it unselfishly shares. It has long been used for breast care and modern research demonstrates this affinity. Red clover is rich in polysaccharides which have demonstrated anti-tumor activity, reinforcing its long traditional use as a cancer preventative. It has been shown to help breast cells from absorbing cancer-promoting estrogens and is considered a mighty anti-cancer herb. Externally, as an infused oil, it makes a lovely salve for breast massage, a practice that allows us to nurture a healthy relationship with our bodies.

Nettle Leaf – Urtica dioica

Noble nettle is abundant in iron, calcium, and other minerals, and is considered the premier source of carotenes, chlorophyll as well as folic acid and selenium and it makes a delicious and rich green infusion that – yep – supports the whole body. All you have to do is see this plant growing in a cow field to know that it carries strength within it. It supports the body in flushing out urinary accumulations and helps to balance electrolyte levels – again, important to whole body health. Nettle is a powerful nutritional blood builder that supports the body’s ability to balance blood coagulation and flow. It also helps to balance the flow of lymph and energy through the breasts, helping to release excess fluid in tissues, aiding in cyst and lump-dissolving. It is a traditional Russian folk treatment for cancer.

Burdock Root – Arcticum lappa

Common burdock demonstrates “food as medicine and medicine as food” like few others! Tender leaves and stalks in spring and rich, delicious roots in most any season are a fine addition to any meal. Even the seeds are valuable. I love the roots simmered until tender then tossed in a bit of garlic, parsley and olive oil! Once again, a plant that offers solid nutrition for the whole body. The roots resonate liver support, and help the whole body process toxins and wastes in such a way that promotes whole body health. Burdock root shows up in herbal documentation as a cancer preventative and in classic anti-cancer formulas such as Essiac and Hoxsey. It is considered nourishing to the breast and supportive in resolving abnormal cellular activity and enhancing lymphatic flow.

Violet Leaf – Viola spp.

Unassuming violet, growing in our lawns, briefly flowering and blending in again. But look closer. The leaf, what does it remind you of? It is shaped like a heart! Turn it around and what does it look like? Breasts! Well, here we have another nutritive herb, that benefits the whole body and even gives us a mighty clue as to specific parts that it supports – heart, lungs, breasts. Violet leaf is rich in carotenes and so is protective against cancer, with an affinity for the breast and reproductive organs. Used internally or externally, it is silky and soothing and is recognized for dissolving breast lumps and slowing the growth of cancerous lumps. It is one of my favorite infused oils for general skin use, but also a favorite base for breast massage (alone, or with citrus or evergreen oils added). It makes a lovely cooling infusion that feeds the body and soothes the being.

These are just four simple herbs that you can introduce into your garden, lawn, diet and daily wellness rituals right away. Start with one and get to know it well. Each of these simple herbs will support your whole body, your whole being, with special attention to breast health as they bolster your deserved state of optimal well-being.

Be well by Nature!

Learn the Benefits of Self Massage and Herbal Oils For Maintaining Healthy Breasts

A woman’s beauty care routine normally consists of maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. What about your breasts? Do you know how to care for them? Whether small or large, your breasts are unique and enhance the beauty of your body. They symbolize divine truth, nurturance, pleasure and love. We appreciate the way our breasts look in a low neckline dress, their delicate bounce and delightful curves. Breasts are precious jewels so let’s learn how to keep them healthy.

Breast Cancer is a huge epidemic. Many women don’t touch their breasts for fear of finding a lump. Some women are hesitant because they are unfamiliar with the anatomy and function of their breasts to be comfortable palpating the tissue. About half the women I talk to don’t do self-exams because their breasts feel too lumpy. The medical community stresses the importance of early detection and mammograms, however there is little awareness and education about how we can enhance the health of our breasts naturally.

The aim of this article is to alleviate the fear of touching one’s breasts and to provide a natural and therapeutic modality that will be nurturing, supportive and be beneficial in maintaining breast tissue health.

First, let’s dispel some of the fears that women have regarding lumpy breasts! Lumpy breast tissue is generally a benign disorder called fibrocystic breast condition or ANDI (Aberrations of Normal Development and Involution) and signifies lumps or thickenings that are a result of normal changes during hormonal changes and breast development. It is most often a result of diet, especially caffeine intake and in chinese medicine has a strong correlation with emotional stress.

Second, let’s approach breast care with knowledge, personal responsibility and empowerment by understanding the structure and function of breast tissue.

Circulation: The vital link to breast health

Breasts are filled with fluid-rich lymphatic pathways. They have no inherent musculature and require circulation for optimal health. Many factors can affect the DNA of healthy cells compromising breast health. For example emotional stress, environmental pollutants, preservatives in our foods lowers our immunity. Fatty breast tissue are a waste receptacle for toxins in the body. If the lymph system stagnates due to stress, tight bras, poor posture or trauma the immune fighting T-cells will have difficulty taking out the accumulated debris from the breast tissue making it a perfect breeding ground for cancer cells. Massage enhances circulation and prevents the buildup of stagnant lymph fluid.

Lastly, let’s acknowledge our breasts. Whether social stigmas, emotional trauma, surgery, our personal perceptions have distorted in some way how we feel about our breasts, we need to reclaim our bodies by sending positive, healing energy and love to our heart center and breast area.

How Self-Massage and Herbal Oils can Enhance Breast Health?

Gently massaging the breasts increases oxygen and nutrients and helps keep the tissue clean of impurities. Self-breast massage is an important therapeutic modality for easing or preventing breast related conditions and may offer a measure against breast cancer.

Benefits include:
* Alleviates premenstrual discomfort associated with breasts
* May help reduce fibroids and cysts
* Ease lumpiness of fibrocystic breasts
* Balancing effect on the hormones
* Improves breast size and shape
* Increased oxygen and nutrients
* Eases lymphatic congestion
* Makes skin soft, supple and resilient
* May help reduce scars and stretchmarks
* Encourages familiarity with one’s breasts
* Promotes relaxation, relieving internal tensions
* Deeper appreciation and acceptance of one’s body
* Encourages lymphatic circulation for post-surgery healing

Herbal Oils are certified organic herbs infused in cold pressed organic olive oil. The healing actions of the herbs migrate into the oil creating a simple, effective product for maintaining breast health.

Benefits include:
*Strengthen and add resiliency to the breast tissue
*Aids in enhancing lymphatic circulation
*Relieve internal tension
*Offers anti-inflammatory properties
*May help in dissolving troublesome lumps and cysts
*Gives skin a soft, supple, radiant glow.

Remember when doing your self-breast massage you want to use an oil that contains nourishing organic herbs that have a special affinity for the breasts to enhance the fluidity and feel of the breast tissue. Breast Caress offers a perfect blend of organic herbs, oils, and aromatherapy, inspires self-awareness of one’s breasts and body and offers an opportunity for women to love and nurture themselves. The more care and gratitude we give to ourselves, the greater the correlation to our good health.